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  • 2. Almost defeated by side effects, high copays, and unnecessary procedures.
  • 3. Tired of trying alternative approaches that are not rooted in science and void of experienced, trained practitioners.


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Most excellent service! Dr. Suzelis has always shown grace, compassion and a very mindfully presence towards myself and my loved ones in ameliorating our health symptoms. Most thankful for you and your kind staff.
Christina L.
17:55 14 Mar 23
My curiosity about acupuncture brought me to Mr. Iliff, and the results keep me coming back. I primarily see him to manage sleep issues (which have improved greatly in just a few visits), however, when I brought up some pain I was having, the pain was gone before I left the office. Tim is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and I highly recommend him. Do the needles hurt? No, though a couple of instances I voiced some concern. He knew exactly what was going on, and made the necessary adjustments before continuing. Communication is key. Thanks, Tim!
Monica R.
23:56 13 Feb 23
This place is life changing. Dr Suzelis is great. Patient and listens. He will definitely help you. I had answers in 15mins. The receptionist is great too. She is so sweet and responds quickly.
Janna H.
23:58 02 Feb 23
I had my first/initial appointment with Dr.Ted and I am extremely happy with how the appointment went. I was nervous beforehand due to the lingering stigma society sort of has towards holistic/naturopathic practices and treatments. I did go into this appointment ready for whatever he was going to suggest, because I have grown tired of modern medicine treatments, and getting a pill thrown at you anytime something is wrong. I wanted to treat the cause and not the symptom. Dr. Ted was attentive, patient, and made me feel that my issues were real, important, and something that could be helped. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is willing to put in effort, change toxic habits of their lifestyle, and has patience.
Hannah S.
14:33 27 Jan 23
I was recommended by a friend the beginning of October. Within 3 months I have to say, I am so happy with my results since I’ve started my weekly sessions with Dr. Tim. He has helped me tremendously! I’ve had a terrible scar since 1996 from a spinal surgery.My back is straighter and I’m even taller! My pain level went from a 10 to 1.. He has also helped with my sinuses, metatarsal pain in my foot. He is the most caring doctor I’ve ever been too. And believe me I’ve been to so many drs over the years. He’s the only one who has helped me.I’m so grateful for this place. The staff are wonderful and their office is very welcoming.
04:03 20 Jan 23
The Dr is easy to talk to, he’s interesting & informative. Gives helpful suggestions & has cool technology that can tell what you’re blood type is in a few minutes & which supplements will be most beneficial for your body.
Simi S.
20:53 12 Jan 23
I'm so grateful for having this wellness resource as part of my healthcare. They have improved my quality of life and directed me with recommendations and supplements for disease prevention.
Beth K.
23:49 05 Jan 23
Dr Ted really listened. After only my 1st appt I am very hopeful that finally my sleep and health will improve. Seems to be scientifically sound.
James B.
22:48 13 Dec 22
Alexis L.
18:21 10 Dec 22
Jessica H.
03:38 23 Nov 22
Very polite and welcoming, was easy to talk to and learned a lot from my first visit. Really looking forward to working with my doctor!
Baylee H.
01:10 23 Nov 22
Dr Tim, was compassionate and well educated on acupuncture and homeopathic remedies. I don’t know what lies ahead for my mother, but after this first visit , I saw my mother look calm for the first time in a year. So I look forward to her continued treatment
Alisa Y.
00:40 11 Nov 22
Dr. Tim is excellent. After years of pain, I am finally finding relief through acupuncture treatment.
Jenny C.
20:45 08 Nov 22
I saw Dr. Ted today and he was very thorough and addressed all my concerns. I am excited to get my health on track.
Laura M.
20:39 03 Nov 22
Professional, takes the time and listens, and what he says just makes sense! Our entire family is now a patient and we are so grateful to have such a thorough ND here in the valley. Kind staff. Go see for yourself.
Cardinal A.
03:07 29 Oct 22
Jessica H.
02:45 21 Oct 22
I had a positive experience. He listened and took time to understand I felt. The office staff was nice. I’m looking forward to healing my health.
Kelly N.
16:13 08 Oct 22
Dr. Ted was very personable, and informative on how to treat my issues. Just started my supplements tonight so can't give reviee on results yet.
Dena J.
01:48 30 Sep 22
Samantha I.
22:50 29 Sep 22
Dr. Ted’s receptionist was very professional and knowledgeable.Dr. Ted is a great listener, patient, and offers appropriate treatment ideas for my Thyroid issues. We are very lucky to have Dr. Ted in the Mahoning Valley. I would recommend Dr Ted to anyone who is ready for a Dr. that addresses causes not just the symptoms.
Kathy L.
18:58 29 Sep 22
Doctor Ted is very knowledgeable Doctor of Naturalpetic Medicines and knows the best supplements we should take for our ailments.
Charles H.
13:19 09 Sep 22
Dr. Ted is very knowledgeable. He takes his time to determine a reasonable and affordable plan to help his patients. I have total confidence in Dr. Ted and recommend him to my clients who are interested in alternative medicine.
Marilyn B.
18:31 06 Sep 22
Dr Suzelis is a holistic doctor whose goal is to eliminate my medical problems, not just treat them. That is the care I have had from him for a dozen or more years.The cause, this time, was somewhat elusive, but we worked together to find it, and then he provided a solution to avoid allergic components so that I can get the nutrients I need without any negative side effects. I am happy to report that age 80 I take no prescriptions and need no procedures. I love my medical care!
Betsy J.
20:18 02 Aug 22
I love Dr. Ted and it’s always a pleasure when I see him. I’m an an African American female and I was referred to Dr. Ted in 2016. Since then he has helped my family tremendously especially my son who was experiencing some kinda Chemical imbalance/mental breakdown. Dr Ted’s patience, calm demeanor, and genuine care is something I personally noticed immediately and appreciate immensely! His naturopathic approach is so non-conventional it will shock you and amaze you both at the same time! Come as you are, We definitely did and was welcomed with what I considered a judgement free environment! ❤️
Lydia W.
16:12 28 Jul 22
If you are seeking Acupuncture Treatment, I highly recommend Dr. Tim Iliff, LAc. at Ohio Naturopathic, I have been having multiple health issues stemming from COVID and the Vaccine, Tim was able to quickly assess my issues and after one session I'm feeling much improved!
Bryan B.
15:53 12 Jul 22
Glenda W.
11:37 26 May 22
I have some complicated health issues. Dr Ted Suzelis listens to both my body and my words. He takes time to address my questions and finds supporting health products that I need - not one size fits all!! I consider Dr Ted Suzelis as an important member of my health team. I now travel the USA but I still go back to Dr. Ted Suzelis.
12:00 11 May 22
Tim Iliff is a gifted acupuncturist. I injured my knee and should’ve called sooner but even four days post injury, my results were remarkable. The swelling is way down, the pain is gone and I have better range of motion.
Mary the Medicine W.
18:24 19 Apr 22
We love Dr. Ted and his staff! Always feel so at ease while there, and feel confident in the direction he gives for supplementation and diet! Very knowledgeable and patient.
Heather K.
17:50 06 Apr 22
Great first time visit! I’m “wading into the waters” of naturopathic medicine and Dr Ted was very patient and explained things thoroughly. I’m anxious to see how this approach works towards feeling 100%!
Ginny P.
21:13 15 Feb 22
Dr Ted and staff are very professional, courteous and I always feel that my concerns are heard and addressed. Dr Ted has helped me get my health back on track after being ill for at least a year. Very grateful!
Amy H.
15:19 29 Dec 21
I am so happy to find a doctor who cares and will help me get to where I want to be. I am looking forward to getting my A1C down and my sugar under control. I am all in. I am ready to work hard to get to where I need and want to be. Thank you so much. I highly recommend This doctor .
Kim’s W.
18:45 18 Nov 21
Jennifer B.
22:45 03 Nov 21
Dr. Ted listens to his patients and is knowledgeable and solution oriented. He truly cares about his patients.
15:33 15 Sep 21
Dr. Ted and Tim both have helped me with my health issues and I’ve only been there for 3 months and I’ve had much improvement. They both are kind, caring and knowledgeable.
Heather G.
21:04 09 Sep 21
I've been going to doctor Ted for about A year he He has changed my life all around in the last year hes a really nice doctor So glad that I was told about him And as nature pathic practice
Susan K.
12:30 20 Aug 21
Dr. Ted has done an amazing job helping me get on a healthier path. Within a few months I feel SO much better physically! My daughter has started a plan with him now too! We are certainly on the path of creating a natural balance with our physical and mental health!
Angela V.
12:56 28 Jul 21
Dr Suzelis is a very thorough, and informative Dr in naturalistic and homeopathic cured based on science. He is willing to listen and understand your problem before throwing medical mumbo jumbo out there. He gives you a course of action to improve your condition and life. I was pressed with the thorough conversation I had with him.
William B.
12:21 01 Jul 21
I really liked that the Doctor listened to me and heard my concerns. and that we just started out with a few supplements so I wasn't overwhelmed.
Paula K.
02:17 23 Jun 21
Edward H.
23:56 20 Jun 21
Cheryll S.
21:57 17 Jun 21
My experience with Dr. Ted began quite a few years ago. His wellness plan for me changed my life completely. He has the knowledge to address and treat any issues I may be having. The Ohio Naturopathic experience is not like going to a medical doctor. It's not dictated to Dr. Ted how much time he spends with you. He is so caring and kind and listens with a caring heart, and there is always enough time to talk about what may be going on with me. May I also add that his staff is kind and considerate. I'm so grateful for finding Ohio Naturopathic and Dr. Ted.
Jody L.
23:34 25 May 21
Felt better after one session. Can’t wait to go back.
Roy J.
18:29 14 May 21
Maynilla G.
16:20 29 Apr 21
Dr. Suzelis is a fantastic naturopathic practitioner!!! He spent quality time with me at my first appointment and explained his methods thoroughly, and in very understandable terms.
Jennifer L.
19:48 06 Apr 21
Bett C.
21:34 16 Mar 21
I can’t say enough about Dr. Ted. I have had issues I’ve carried with me daily for nearly all of my life without resolution - despite diligently doctoring for them. Headaches that grew in severity & frequency. Body aches, brain fog, endless digestive issues and all of the symptoms that come with that, some quite serious and life altering!Dr Ted listens very well and takes the time you need to understand. He skillfully guides you through the education of what is happening with your body and what can fix it. He will take you as far as you’re willing to go. Trust him and the process he WILL help you get to the core of your issue(s) so you can regain your health and happiness. I cannot thank him enough!!
L M.
03:43 10 Mar 21
Dr Suzelis is very thorough with his assessment process. He is responsive to questions and informative so you can immediately attend to your health with the appropriate supplements and new knowledge of foods best for your blood type. The office attendant is very sweet and professional. I highly recommend his practice and services!
Jenny B.
19:44 28 Jan 21
My Dream W.
18:23 06 Jan 21
Menopause had been difficult in many ways for me and I did not want to use prescription drugs, so I went to see Dr Ted 18 months ago and have had great results. He is very knowledgeable as to what supplements my body needs. I highly recommend him!
Michele G.
17:36 22 Oct 20
Dr. Ted, is very Caring he listens to your problem and then help you find the solution. I highly recommend Dr. Ted!!!Gail.
Gail S.
22:53 13 Oct 20
When you have questions, Dr. Ted is very thorough and answers them to the best of his ability.
mary O.
20:01 08 Oct 20
One of the best by far! Honest person attentively listens to you about what is going on with you or your family member. He wants to make sure people are getting the treatment and information they need to be as healthy as possible.
Kesha L.
15:21 03 Oct 20
Dr Suzelis is very knowledgeable and kind. He spends a lot of time reviewing your individual health issues.
Patty C.
19:53 22 Sep 20
Ohio Naturopathic is not your typical doctor’s office. You will be greeted with a smile and the doctor is always on time! Dr Ted is one of a kind. Dr Ted listens as you explain your health and wellness and will talk with you about the path you want to take! Honestly the best decision for my health was made when I became a patient.
Melissa E.
15:45 16 Sep 20
Eric W.
20:37 12 Sep 20
Very thorough history taken, didn’t feel rushed. Information made sense. Supplements available there. Extremely happy with experience.
Heather S.
21:18 04 Aug 20
The Doctor is a wonderful man, very caring and so informative. He has helped me regain my health. Highly recommend
Cindy G.
17:19 21 Jul 20
jeanette M.
15:19 15 Jul 20
Great place to go for your health issues.Verry proffessional, polite staff and quite knowledgeable.
Charles Hedl J.
16:31 01 Jul 20
Ellen C.
17:18 04 Jun 20
adele C.
19:11 02 Jun 20
Gabrielle C.
19:46 19 May 20
Fitnecessity D.
16:31 14 May 20
Dr. Ted is very kind and listens without judgement. There are no high pressure sales for supplements. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health. The office is very clean and pleasant with helpful, kind staff.
Lillia B.
20:22 09 May 20
Brian G.
18:43 29 Apr 20
Brenda H.
15:50 14 Mar 20
Chelsie K.
22:30 27 Feb 20
Jennifer Z.
23:03 11 Feb 20
Dr Ted is fantastic!
21:33 05 Feb 20
Dr Ted is a a listener. He really avails himself to his patients and focuses on the issues you discuss along with testing.. very pleased and has helped me in many areas while I worked through a physical struggle. Thank you and your staff!
Becki O
18:49 28 Jan 20
Dr. Ted is just an all around nice guy. He listens then diagnose. I was so out of whack I’m finally getting back on track. Thank you.
linda P.
18:22 22 Jan 20
Dr. Ted has gotten me back on track twice already. I go off and do my own thing and then I have to have him fix me up. Highly recommend him.
Linda P.
18:56 16 Jan 20
Latoya O.
00:46 09 Jan 20
Just had my first visit today. It was great! Cant wait to go back for follow up.
chacha S.
00:42 21 Nov 19
Robert C.
18:46 29 Oct 19
Very interesting and through visit, learned alot and looking forward to being healthy!
Ronnelle F.
23:25 24 Oct 19
Mary Jo S.
22:15 05 Sep 19
Candace S.
03:14 28 Aug 19
Dr Suzelis and his staff are always prompt and courteous. The care I receive at Ohio Naturopathic has given me the health I need to live a productive life.
Sara B.
17:33 30 Jul 19
Lisa V
22:14 23 Jul 19
Nadia R
23:52 16 Jul 19
Excellent as always!
Deanna S.
21:55 27 Jun 19
nv b
22:03 20 Jun 19
I took my adult daughter to see Dr Ted today. He was very knowledgeable and very kind. He listened to us and I do believe he will have my daughter on the right track to feeling better soon. His receptionist is very nice as well. The environment of the office is very calm. Very good experience.
Shelly S.
22:52 18 Jun 19
Dr. Suzelis provides comprehensive care with excellence. I have complete confidence in his ability to treat my family's diverse needs. His staff is extremely pleasant as well.
Kelly H.
12:59 28 May 19
Easy to find. Simple yet comfortable waiting room with TV and toys for my 3 year old. Kind receptionist. Addressed my concerns. Sent us on our way. Didn’t feel pressured into anything. I felt heard and my opinion mattered. We’ll be back! Thanks Dr. Ted!
Sara H.
00:13 23 May 19
Gloria A.
20:51 16 May 19
Dr. Ted is awesome. I can't thank him enough for everything he has done to help me.
Shelley M.
17:54 14 May 19
Dr. Suzelis spends quality time with each patient every visit, not just the initial consultation. He discusses lifestyle, diet, and any other concerns/issues affecting your health. He selects the right supplements to help your body heal and become your best self.
The Spencer H.
01:02 24 Apr 19
Deanna S.
23:33 18 Apr 19
Dr. Suzelis listened to everything I asked about and was very informative.
Christa S.
22:42 26 Mar 19
Debbie P.
15:49 26 Mar 19
Dr. Ted has been my doctor for the past 13 years. Every experience is the best of care. He listens and understands exactly what I need to be well. I appreciate all he does. He gives me exactly what I need to stay healthy.
Gwen E.
17:32 06 Mar 19
If you are looking for a naturopathic doctor in the area, I would highly recommended Dr Ted Suzelis. He is very caring and compassionate. He takes his time to learn what your needs are to be able to fully help you. He knows what he is doing and is so easy to talk to. The staff is great! Very caring and kind. I really don’t think you would be disappointed if you are just starting to do natural or making the switch from another doctor.
Karen T.
16:59 04 Mar 19
Dr. Ted is very patient, kind and understanding. He takes time to listen and explain his treatment thoughts and goals. He understands fears and anxieties and is always available to answer questions and give support.
Heather C.
18:30 21 Feb 19
I was having multiple medical issues, and after evaluation from Dr. Ted, and after following his guidance for supplement intake, I am seeing drastic improvements in my conditions. I have been able to reduce my intake of pharmaceutical medication and am on a much better path. Dr. Ted is definitely worth seeing. He also has very good bedside manners. I drove nearly 2 hours to see him and it was a great decision that I’m glad I made.
Positive E.
02:49 30 Jan 19
Wonderful, Dr. Val is the only doctor to ever really listen and truly helps me.
20:07 20 Sep 18
Dr. Ted is a very knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. The entire staff treats patients with respect and kindness. Dr. Ted is very informative and explains how to heal your body naturally. I would highly recommend Dr. Ted and his staff.
Nicole W.
12:20 31 Aug 18
Love the team at Ohio Naturopathic. They are very knowledgeable they have a great naturalistic product line. First rate Doctors.
carl P.
13:22 27 Jul 18
Lacey D.
01:19 12 Jul 18
Dr. Khoury has helped me physically to feel much healthier.
Martha R.
00:07 01 Jun 18
My experience was very good. I have been experiencing digestive issue and lots of stress. I wanted a naturalist to help guide me on a safe approach to these issues. He did just that. The appointment was easy and educational. Based off my results he placed me on three supplements. I saw results quickly. My follow went well. I showed much improvement. There is no pressure "sales" approach. He made suggestion and I purchase what I wanted. My first appointment was $240 which included the appointment cost and supplements. He also check my blood type (that was neat and painless).The second appointment was $150.00 which included appointment cost and two supplements. He recommend I come every three months which I was completely ok with.Overall I would recommend him to anyone looking for an alternative treatment. No pressure sales and great results.
Jennifer W.
14:18 28 Apr 18
Dr. Ted seemed very knowledgeable and I appreciated that he listened to me. I’m looking forward to more of his guidance.
Miss N.
22:03 17 Apr 18
Jay L.
22:17 12 Apr 18
My 5 year old was having gastrointestinal issues for sometime (months). He was suffering and like any parent I was suffering with him. Within only a couple of weeks after his first visit with Dr. Ted and starting his supplements and dietary changes his problems were better by about 85%. His progress has been amazing. I'll be honest and say I was not holding much hope for dietary changes but am now a true believer. Dr. Ted is very soft spoken and listens to every word you say. He takes his time and is very compassionate. He is wonderful with children.
jodie W.
00:08 22 Mar 18
Took a free thyroid class from Dr. TED and learned a tremendous amount about the subject. Check out his website for other free classes on diet and acupuncture.
Gayle W.
03:08 17 Mar 18
Samantha B.
19:31 10 Feb 18
Cindy K
20:04 14 Jan 18
Dr. Ted is truly amazing. Conventional doctors kept shrugging my issues off saying that there wasn't anything wrong with me. I decided to consult with Dr. Ted. He not only listened to me but reassured me that my symptoms weren't all in my head. He did some testing and worked with me to find the right supplements. Not long after taking them I started to feel like my old self. He truly cares about his patients.
April D.
19:28 11 Dec 17
Heather L.
13:23 07 May 17
Love Dr. Ted and staff. Willing to listen and help get you back to feeling great again!
Missgraciegirl V.
17:39 13 Dec 16
Val S.
10:40 11 Aug 16
Aaron K.
17:24 02 Dec 13
Karen Gorse F.
20:31 26 Nov 13
Carol G.
17:40 26 Nov 13
Ted S.
23:00 25 Nov 13
Dona J B.
03:33 25 Nov 13
JoAnn Beres H.
19:14 03 Sep 13
Rachel Keene L.
02:26 14 Aug 13
Debbie L.
00:19 13 Jul 13