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  • 1. Frustrated because you’ve followed the “rules" of good health but are still not feeling well.
  • 2. Almost defeated by side effects, high copays, and unnecessary procedures.
  • 3. Tired of trying alternative approaches that are not rooted in science and void of experienced, trained practitioners.


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My 5 year old was having gastrointestinal issues for sometime (months). He was suffering and like any parent I was suffering with him. Within only a couple of weeks after his first visit with Dr. Ted and starting his supplements and dietary changes his problems were better by about 85%. His progress has been amazing. I'll be honest and say I was not holding much hope for dietary changes but am now a true believer. Dr. Ted is very soft spoken and listens to every word you say. He takes his time and is very compassionate. He is wonderful with children.
jodie williamson
00:08 22 Mar 18
Took a free thyroid class from Dr. TED and learned a tremendous amount about the subject. Check out his website for other free classes on diet and acupuncture.
Gayle Wanamaker
03:08 17 Mar 18
Dr Ted Suzelis helped find an issue I had while in the hospital that others overlooked on my blood-work. He is the only one I trust with my health and recommend him as well as his office which is friendly and professional. Top notch and I will always be grateful for his expertise and his love for what he does .
Jackie DeChellis
17:53 16 Nov 17
Dr. Ted is truly amazing. Conventional doctors kept shrugging my issues off saying that there wasn't anything wrong with me. I decided to consult with Dr. Ted. He not only listened to me but reassured me that my symptoms weren't all in my head. He did some testing and worked with me to find the right supplements. Not long after taking them I started to feel like my old self. He truly cares about his patients.
April Drauch
19:28 11 Dec 17
Love Dr. Ted and staff. Willing to listen and help get you back to feeling great again!
MissGraciegirl Vlogs
17:39 13 Dec 16
Dr. Ted is very knowledgeable. He takes his time to determine a reasonable and affordable plan to help his patients. I have total confidence in Dr. Ted and recommend him to my clients who are interested in alternative medicine.
Marilyn Burns
23:32 03 May 18
My experience was very good. I have been experiencing digestive issue and lots of stress. I wanted a naturalist to help guide me on a safe approach to these issues. He did just that. The appointment was easy and educational. Based off my results he placed me on three supplements. I saw results quickly. My follow went well. I showed much improvement. There is no pressure "sales" approach. He made suggestion and I purchase what I wanted. My first appointment was $240 which included the appointment cost and supplements. He also check my blood type (that was neat and painless). The second appointment was $150.00 which included appointment cost and two supplements. He recommend I come every three months which I was completely ok with. Overall I would recommend him to anyone looking for an alternative treatment. No pressure sales and great results.
Jennifer Warrens
14:18 28 Apr 18
Dr. Ted seemed very knowledgeable and I appreciated that he listened to me. I’m looking forward to more of his guidance.
Jan Nelson
22:03 17 Apr 18
Dr. Khoury has helped me physically to feel much healthier.
Martha Ross
00:07 01 Jun 18
Dr. Ted had been my doctor for the past 13 years. Every experience is the best of care. He listens and understands exactly what I need to be well. I appreciate all he does.
Gwen Edenfield
22:05 22 Aug 18
Love the team at Ohio Naturopathic. They are very knowledgeable they have a great naturalistic product line. First rate Doctors.
carl peterson
13:22 27 Jul 18
Wonderful, Dr. Val is the only doctor to ever really listen and truly helps me.
Debby Kovach
20:07 20 Sep 18
Dr. Ted is very patient, kind and understanding. He takes time to listen and explain his treatment thoughts and goals. He understands fears and anxieties and is always available to answer questions and give support.
Heather Crum
18:30 21 Feb 19
If you are looking for a naturopathic doctor in the area, I would highly recommended Dr Ted Suzelis. He is very caring and compassionate. He takes his time to learn what your needs are to be able to fully help you. He knows what he is doing and is so easy to talk to. The staff is great! Very caring and kind. I really don’t think you would be disappointed if you are just starting to do natural or making the switch from another doctor.
Karen Thomas
16:59 04 Mar 19
Dr. Ted has been my doctor for the past 13 years. Every experience is the best of care. He listens and understands exactly what I need to be well. I appreciate all he does. He gives me exactly what I need to stay healthy.
Gwen Edenfield
17:32 06 Mar 19
Dr Suzelis is a holistic doctor whose goal is to eliminate my medical problems, not just treat them. That is the care I have had from him for a dozen or more years. The cause, this time, was somewhat elusive, but we worked together to find it, and then he provided a solution to avoid allergic components so that I can get the nutrients I need without any negative side effects. I am happy to report that age 80 I take no prescriptions and need no procedures. I love my medical care!
Betsy Jones
17:47 06 Mar 19
Dr. Suzelis listened to everything I asked about and was very informative.
Christa Stockton
22:42 26 Mar 19
Dr. Suzelis spends quality time with each patient every visit, not just the initial consultation. He discusses lifestyle, diet, and any other concerns/issues affecting your health. He selects the right supplements to help your body heal and become your best self.
Jocelyn Spencer
01:02 24 Apr 19
Easy to find. Simple yet comfortable waiting room with TV and toys for my 3 year old. Kind receptionist. Addressed my concerns. Sent us on our way. Didn’t feel pressured into anything. I felt heard and my opinion mattered. We’ll be back! Thanks Dr. Ted!
sara heckert
00:13 23 May 19
Dr. Suzelis provides comprehensive care with excellence. I have complete confidence in his ability to treat my family's diverse needs. His staff is extremely pleasant as well.
Kelly Hart
12:59 28 May 19
I took my adult daughter to see Dr Ted today. He was very knowledgeable and very kind. He listened to us and I do believe he will have my daughter on the right track to feeling better soon. His receptionist is very nice as well. The environment of the office is very calm. Very good experience.
Shelly Sharpless
22:52 18 Jun 19
Dr Suzelis and his staff are always prompt and courteous. The care I receive at Ohio Naturopathic has given me the health I need to live a productive life.
Sara Baer
17:33 30 Jul 19
Very rarely do you find a physician who is willing to really listen to you. Most doctors rush you out the door and dismiss you. Dr. Suzelis also takes a look at your whole lifestyle, not just your symptoms, he really wants to get to the root of the issue so that you can live the healthiest life possible.
Heather Lathom
17:34 31 Jul 19