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Designed by Dr. Ted to offer a more cost-effective solution for our valued patients, the Ohio Naturopathic VIP Plan is your gateway to continuous, comprehensive naturopathic medical care. This exclusive opportunity empowers you to save while embracing a sustained journey towards optimal health. With our VIP Plan, you’re not just investing in better health – you’re investing in a better quality of life.

Benefits of Joining: When you enroll in the VIP Plan, you unlock the potential for ongoing naturopathic care that is essential for long-term health achievement. By committing to a sustained wellness program, you open doors to:

  • Better Health Goals: Long-term care allows you to make consistent progress towards your health objectives, ensuring that you not only achieve but also maintain your desired state of well-being.
  • Holistic Care for You and Your Family: A proactive approach to health not only benefits you but also extends to your loved ones. A healthier you means a happier and more robust support system for your family.
  • Enhanced Work Performance: Improved health translates to increased energy and focus, enabling you to excel in your professional endeavors.
  • Fulfilling Life: By prioritizing your health, you pave the way for a more fulfilling life, where you can embrace every moment with vitality and confidence.

Membership Tiers and Benefits: Choose the plan that aligns with your needs and aspirations:

  1. VIP Monthly Plan: Enjoy up to 1 consultation per month with Dr. Ted for an entire year. Plus, receive a 10% discount on supplements purchased at our office. Pay conveniently with monthly charges of $80 over the course of 12 months.
  2. VIP Yearly Plan: Secure a year of comprehensive care with a single upfront payment of $900. This plan grants you up to 1 consultation per month with Dr. Ted and the 10% discount on supplements.
  3. VIP Maintenance Plan: Perfect for maintaining your progress, this plan provides up to 4 consultations per year with Dr. Ted and the 10% supplement discount. Enjoy uninterrupted care with a lump sum payment of $340 at the start of the contract year.

Payment: Your investment is straightforward and designed for your convenience:

  • VIP Monthly Plan: A 1-year contract with monthly payments of $80 charged to your credit card on file.
  • VIP Yearly Plan: A lump sum payment of $900 at the contract’s commencement, covering a full year.
  • VIP Maintenance Plan: Begin the contract year with a single payment of $340.

Cancellation Policy: We understand that circumstances can change. If you decide to cancel your VIP Plan, please provide us with 30 days’ notice. Please be aware that canceling the plan will result in the forfeiture of previously applied consultation fee discounts for used appointments.

Embrace the Ohio Naturopathic VIP Plan and empower yourself with the tools for lifelong wellness. Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you today.

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