I have been a patient of Dr. Ted’s for almost 6 months, and I think this is long enough to get a good idea of how he and his office staff function. Being a patient of Dr. Ted’s has been a breath of fresh air for me. To begin with he is so nice and makes me feel so at ease. I can ask him any question, and he never makes me feel as though the question is stupid. He is extremely competent, scientific, and open minded. If there is a naturopathic physician that can help close the gap between conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine, it is Dr. Ted. He is extremely open minded. Dr. Ted has helped me with digestive difficulties, inflammatory problems, and allergies. I am feeling better than I have in the past two years. If I am discouraged when I walk in his office because I may have had a set back, he encourages me. I leave his office feeling better than when I first came in. I also like the fact that he monitors my progress with his electro-acupressure technique. He doesn’t play a guessing game. He can show me how my body systems are responding to treatment. His office staff is very cordial and pleasant. It is so nice to pick up the phone and have a pleasant person to talk to. His online store of supplements has been an asset also.